10 Reasons why to buy LIEBHERR frigde

 1 Know-how that matters!
LIEBHERR is a specialist refrigeration manufacturer in both the domestic and commercial markets and has been developing and innovating product solutions for over 60 years. No other refrigeration appliance manufacturer secures greater brand loyalty from its customers than LIEBHERR, and knowing this motivates us to keep on delivering appliances that merit their confidence and trust.

6 Outstanding energy efficiency
With innovative precision electronics and unequalled refrigeration performance, LIEBHERR offers highly economical appliances across its product range. All product groups feature models that fall into the top energy efficiency classes, providing great savings all round.

2 Optimal product quality
To guarantee consistent product quality, LIEBHERR always uses the very best materials and components in the manufacturing of its appliances. Every appliance is tested for quality and functionality during production. Continual product development, optimised components, and superb workmanship ensure that Liebherr’s reputation for quality and long-lasting appliances is never in doubt.

7 BioFresh - definitely healthier
BioFresh provides the perfect climate for long-lasting freshness. When stored at a temperature slightly above 0 °C and at the correct humidity level, fruit and vegetables, meat, fish and dairy products all retain their vitamin content, delicate flavour and appetising appearance significantly longer than in a standard refrigerator. The BioFresh-Plus technology provides yet more flexibility for tailored storage. The separate BioFresh-Plus electronic control system allows the temperature in the adjustable drawer at +6°C to be lowered to -2°C.

3 Innovative ideas
With its range of over 300 models, whether freestanding, under-worktop or built-in, Liebherr provides the perfect solution for food storage and freshness for almost every customer with its refrigerators, freezers and combined fridge-freezers. LIEBHERR appliances boast a compelling array of innovative ideas. Take, for example, the appliances with user-friendly Touch-electronic navigation feature, or trend-setting LED lighting, convenient IceMaker with TwistTray, or GlassLine shelves for versatile use.

8 NoFrost – professional freezing quality
No more defrosting: LIEBHERR’s NoFrost technology provides rapid, fan-assisted, frostfree freezing that gives professional standard, long term freshness. Food is frozen by chilled circulating air and humidity is expelled, ensuring that the freezer remains ice-free and preventing produce from frosting over.

4 Classic design
LIEBHERR refrigeration and freezers meet outstanding design criteria by combining excellent materials (premium-quality stainless steel, precision electronics, and exquisite GlassLine fittings) with classic contours, to produce a timeless elegance. Stainless steel doors with SmartSteel reduce the visibility of finger marks and are very easy-to-clean and far more scratch-resistant. The slimline door handles with integrated opening mechanism in stainless steel or white are fitted at a convenient height for easy opening.

9 Perfect climate for fine wines
LIEBHERR’s wine cabinets and multi-temperature wine cabinets are designed specifically to store wine in its optimum environment. This range features state of-the-art electronic control systems, heating and cooling circuits, special vibration free compressors and a host of features such as tinted glazed doors, activated charcoal filters and solid hand crafted wooden shelves on telescopic rails.

5 Environmentally friendly
LIEBHERR takes environmental responsibility seriously, and our ActiveGreen philosophy is applied right from the beginning of appliance development right down to the finished product. Not only does Liebherr use the highest-quality components to build appliances that are reliable, durable and energy efficient, but also Liebherr ensures all plastics are labelled for optimum recycling. Further, all manufacturing processes are designed to use resources efficiently, e.g. heat generated during production is recycled and reused as heating energy for office buildings on the production premise. All European manufacturing sites are certified in accordance with the international environmental management standard ISO 14001.

10 Awards given to the range

The outstanding product and design quality of LIEBHERR appliances is confirmedagain and again by independent organisations. The integrated ECBN 5066 fridgefreezer won Plus X Seals of Approval for High Quality, Design, Ease of Use and Ecology. This model also received the Good Design Award. The CBNes 6256 French door fridgefreezer has also been recognised with several awards including the iF Product Design Award and the reddot title ‘Best of the Best’.