BioFresh 4



  The fresher the products are, the greater is their value for a healthy diet. The BioFresh safes mounted on telescopic rails ensure the perfect climate for keeping food fresh longer. With the temperature maintained just above 0 °C and an ideal air humidity level, fruit and vegetables, meat, fish and dairy products retain their healthy vitamins, delicate flavour and attractive appearance for up to three times longer than in a traditional refrigerator.



NoFrost Bottomfre Comf



  Liebherr’s NoFrost appliances provide expert refrigeration technology to ensure long-term freshness. The food is frozen with chilled recirculating air, and any humidity is expelled. As a result, the freezer is always free of ice, and food no longer frosts over. NoFrost convenience makes defrosting a thing of the past.


DuoCooling BluP BC



  Accurate and independent temperature control of the refrigerator compartment and freezer compartment of combined fridge-freezers is achieved through DuoCooling with two completely separate cooling circuits. And there is no air exchange between the refrigerator and freezer compartment. This prevents odour transfer and stops the stored food from drying out.


IceMaker 60cm Standger 01


IceMaker with fixed water connection

  With the IceMaker for a fixed water connection (3/4") you can obtain ice cubes of optimum quality for any occasion, depending on the model in volumes for up to 1.5 kg/24 h. Whether you fancy a cool drink or when throwing a big party – there is sufficient capacity for ice cube storage in the two drawers whatever the occasion.


SoftTelescopic BluP 01


Drawers mounted on telescopic rails

  The drawers extend on smooth-running telescopic rails and can be conveniently removed at a door opening angle of 90°.





  The BioFreshPlus with separate electronic control system provides yet more flexibility for individual storage requirements: in this way the temperature in the top compartment can be lowered to -2 °C for the storage of fish. Together with the DrySafe setting, this means that fish and seafood can be kept fresh for even longer. The upper, adjustable safe provides ideal storage conditions for tropical fruits at +6 °C and with high air humidity.


SoftSystem BluP P 01


SoftSystem closing mechanism

 During day-to-day use the SoftSystem closing mechanism increases convenience and is a welcome touch. The SoftSystem, integrated into the door, cushions door closure ensuring soft closing even with fully loaded door shelves. In built-in appliances the door will close automatically from an opening angle of approx. 30°. The white fi nish on the soft closing system matches the door interior for a uniform appearance.



LED 08


 LED light

 Hallmarks of the BioFresh models in the PremiumPlus range are two LED light columns integrated into the compartment liner. With one on either side, there are numerous LEDs ensuring uniform illumination of the interior. The special satin finish of the light cover creates a pleasant, high-class lighting atmosphere. At the same time the light columns allow for the rearrangement of the glass shelves.


SmartFrost Freezer Stand



 Compared to other static freezers, Liebherr’s SmartFrost technology freezes food faster, and reduces ice build-up, making defrosting simpler and quicker. It also provides a more flexible storage area with greater capacity and improved energy consumption for lower running costs.




liebherr smartsteel



 Nearly all the stainless steel doors come with a SmartSteel surface. SmartSteel significantly reduces the visibility of finger marks. Thanks to the high-quality finish of the stainless steel, the surface is very easy to clean and is also far more scratch-resistant.



liebherr frostsafe



 With the FrostSafe, the extra-high and removable drawers are closed all round. This means that the cold cannot dissipate so quickly when the appliance is opened. The transparent front of the compartments guarantees an optimum overview of the frozen items. On models of the GNP series at widths of 70 cm, the drawers are placed on telescopic pull-outs and can thus easily be pulled out.



liebherr powercooling


PowerCooling system

  The high-performance PowerCooling system rapidly cools down freshly stored food and creates an even cooling temperature throughout the interior. A door contact switch turns the fan off when the door is opened.This saves valuable energy.


liebherr stopfrost



  The StopFrost innovation provides two decisive advantages: The frosting of the freezer compartment and frozen food is substantially reduced, meaning that defrosting has to be carried out far less frequently. Furthermore, the StopFrost system means that a vacuum no longer forms when the chest freezer lid is opened and closed. Therefore the chest freezer can be opened effortlessly at all times.


liebherr superfrost


Automatic SuperFrost function

  The automatic SuperFrost function makes freezing simple and saves energy. It quickly reduces the temperature to -32 °C and thus creates the cold air required to preserve vital vitamins. As soon as the food is completely frozen, the automatic SuperFrost function switches back to normal mode after max. 65 hours, and thus assists in saving electricity.


UWT 1682 TipOpen


TipOpen technology

 This innovative TipOpen technology means that the UWT 1682 can be integrated perfectly into handle free kitchens. When lightly tapped, the glass door automatically opens to 7cm, offering convenient access to enable full opening. If the door is not opened further within about three seconds the soft-closing system automatically shuts it again.



liebherr glassline


GlassLine interior

  The sophisticated GlassLine safety glass equipment puts the finishing touches to the overall impression of high quality conveyed by the interior. The elegant GlassLine storage shelves are shatter-proof, scratch-resistant and easy to clean. The high-quality stainless steel trims put the finishing touches to the overall design composition. The slide under half shelf option glass shelf lends itself to versatile use.


liebherr variospace



  All freezers with NoFrost and SmartFrost feature drawers and intermediate glass shelves underneath them which can be conveniently removed.This results in VarioSpace – the practical system for extra storage space so that space can be created quickly even for larger frozen food items.


HomeDialog 2012



  The HomeDialog system allows an appliance situated in the basement, for instance, to be controlled using the display of a combined appliance with a PremiumPlus electronic control system. The connected appliances are indicated in the display of this combined appliance and can thus be conveniently operated and controlled. Temperature alarms, door alarms or power failure of the external appliance are displayed on the master appliance.